Åpen Sone Game Jam

Make a game in 48 hours! The purpose of Sonen Game Jam is to gather aspiring game makers, rookies and veterans alike. Everyone is eligible to enter, and the entry is free. No prior registration is needed, all you have to do is to show up at Sonen, Ole-Johan Dahls hus, March 14!

Physics talk source code

We've uploaded the Processing source code from the physics talk held by Andreas.


Check out our livestream at Twitch.tv !


Sonen Game Jam will take place at room Ada 3407, also known as Sonen, located on the third floor of Ole-Johan Dahls hus, close to Forskningsparken station. (map)

If you already have a UiO student card, and need extended access to Ole-Johan Dahls hus during the weekend, please send us your full name and student number beforehand.

Guest accounts will be provided for those of you who aren't associated with UiO, allowing you to use the machines at Ole-Johan Dahls hus during the event.

If you need access to the building during the event, please call one of us:



Still missing that special someone on your team that can make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside (or at least turn your pixel-poop into something you might dare to call "art" when nobody is listening?).

Show up at 14:00 on Friday the 14th, or chip an email to simenheg@ifi.uio.no or jwringstad@gmail.com

Pizza, coffee & other foods

Free pizza will be served Sunday afternoon. Please inform us beforehand if you've got any specific dietary needs.

Free coffee will of course be available at all times.